Minion Mayhem


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With the new Minions movie out, their already-high popularity has once again skyrocketed. Sure, their image has adorned many youth t-shirts, but their influence is now reaching the fashion world.


Ten of Sandra Bullock’s minion shoes were autographed by the actress herself and auctioned on for the Art + Practice charity, raising a total of $84,850.


If you have gone to see the Minions movie, you may have spotted a few yellow tee’s and blue overalls on fans waiting for the movie to start. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to overalls to show your love of minions. Pantone has launched a new color named “minion yellow” and it is sure to be a hit as long as these mischievous workers are around.


If you don’t want to stray far from yellow and denim, consider these options for inspiration:




Getting the idea?

If you want to be fairly obvious about your minion love, just pop on a minion’s face for a tee and whatever bottom you’d like!



Nail art is another way minions are popping up on the fashion scene.





Last, but not least, showing your appreciation more subtly with anything minion yellow!




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Rugby shirts have hit a wave in popularity, which could not have come at a better time: right before the fall season.

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For those who may not know, rugby shirts are a comfy, long-sleeved, collared polo that often features stripes, although the latest iterations are in solid colors.

Rugby shirts look great with just about anything, but for a classic, preppy look we like them with leggings and a pair of riding boots.

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Although it is a little difficult to dress up rugby shirts, they are the perfect ensemble choice for any daytime outing or casual wear.

Don’t be afraid to rock this look in the summer, either. Rugby shirts look just as cute (and feel just as comfy) when paired with your favorite pair of shorts.

Give the long-sleeved casual wear a try and see just how much you like this latest athletic trend.


Images courtesy of SuperDry

Backpack Styles for School


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Though college students may hate to admit it, school is right around the corner with just a little over a month of summer break remaining. Although it’s a bit of a downer, it does give provide an excuse to do some back to school shopping!

One of the most important staples for any student is the bag in which they carry their supplies, which for some ladies may be difficult to choose. How can we have an easy compromise between style, comfort, and practicality?

Here are a few tips for choosing your perfect bag this school season:

For outdoorsy girls, the best backpacks are carried by brands such as the North Face or Herschel. These backpacks make transitioning from campus to the hiking trails as seamless as possible.



Boho-chic girls have an array of options from many retailers for a flap-closure backpack such as the one featured below from Free People.


Free People

The working girl, who may need to transition from class to a corporate internship, should opt for something chic and versatile. Retailers such as Kate Spade have purses large enough to do double-duty.


Kate Spade

Our prepsters will love the bags from Vera Bradley! Really who can pass up that paisley, anyway?


Vera Bradley

Lastly, our techies looking for a little extra love for their laptops will find comfort in Ebags‘ offerings, with a special compartment specifically for electronics.



Some of you, like me, fit into the all-of-the-above category. Don’t be ashamed to own them all! That just means you’re prepared for anything.

Pearls for the Young


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Sometimes, it’s hard to choose accessories when shopping. Especially when on a tight budget and looking for something to match a wide variety of outfits.

Earrings can be the most difficult accessory of all to choose. Studs or hoops? Silver or gold?

My go-to earring for any outfit, casual or formal, is the classic pearl. Some associate this accessory with an older generation, but to me this simple stunner enhances any woman’s facial features and ensemble.



Pearl earrings can add a preppy look to a collared shirt, a feminine edge to flannel, and a classic sophistication to the little black dress.

When in doubt, pick the pearls, ladies. They are sure to do the job that any good earring should do: enhance the beauty of your face and hair.

Disney Adoration


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Disney fanatics gather ’round! Disney collections are popping up in retail outlets everywhere, bringing you cute clothing and accessories inspired by your favorite Disney princesses, heroes, and even villains!

Retailers including Hot Topic, Vans, Forever 21, Walgreens, and even Alex and Ani have hopped on board with Disney inspired pieces.


Whether it’s a pair of Mickey Mouse shoes from Vans, a Pocahontas makeup set from Walgreens, a Jiminy Cricket bangle from Alex and Ani, or a subtle Disney tank top from Hot Topic or Forever 21, your inner child will be resurrected, while sporting some pretty fashionable items.

Get shopping for some of your favorite characters!

Images courtesy of Vans

“Blazin'” Hot in the Workplace


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Ladies, we admit our dream work ensemble includes a pair of Christian Louboutins. Although those workplace fantasies may not come true (unless they do, in which case, you go, girl) you can still be the most glamorous gal in the office.

Blazers are such an underrated fashion staple in the world of women’s workplace. Originally designed for men, these jackets took a little getting used to for us ladies. But thanks to modern-day tailoring technologies, our blazers are looking more flattering than ever.


Blazers obviously are available in an array of colors, cuts, and styles, as any item of clothing. What makes these office ensembles special is their ability to be dressed up or down in an instant. Add a dress and you’re ready for your big board presentation. Throw on a pair of jeans and you’re on your way to grab drinks with a friend.

Don’t be afraid to show your working class pride ladies and flaunt that great figure in a well-tailored blazer!

Images courtesy of Glamradar.

Farmer’s Market Style


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Many towns and cities have weekend farmer’s markets. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning, moseying from table to table to see the different local goods and fresh ingredients. In recent years, attending the farmer’s market to grab fresh flowers or produce is a fashionable event and one must dress accordingly. This may mean a floppy hat and flouncy dress or a casual, chic pair of shorts and tennies. Throw on your fashion-forward frock and don’t forget to share it on Insta!

Off the Shoulder


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Have you ever need a casual outfit with just a little dose of sexy? Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are just that. They are subtle and effortless, but they add a playful touch to any look. They pair well with masculine items, such as a pair of boyfriend denim shorts, or you can play up the girly side and match it with a great pair of breezy pants!

Grab That


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Every once in awhile, it’s nice to avoid hauling around a large tote–particularly when most of the contents are completely unnecessary for a dinner out on the town. It is more convenient to pull out a fresh clutch and throw in your phone, credit card, and a lip gloss. Not only is it a functional, but a small bag can act as a great accessory. If you’re wearing a simple black dress, a patterned clutch can add some pizzazz and personality!

Color Inspo: Berry


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Picking berries is a quintessential summertime activity. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries…whatever your taste preference, there’s no denying the color palette is fantastic. Inspiration for fashion lines often comes straight from nature. So what better source for radiant colors than berries? Such bright hues and jewel tones make green eyes pop and raven hair shine. Wear it ladies!


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