Emma Watson


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There’s a lot to love about Emma Watson. Not only is she a widely successful actress, a graduate of Brown University, a gorgeous model, a UN ambassador, and a positive role model, she also has an amazing fashion sense to boot. She was awarded the Best British Fashion award in 2014.

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Emma’s motto seems to be “less is more.” In an interview, she said “I feel most beautiful when I’m wearing something quite simple that’s understated and cut beautifully.” Ladies, take note!

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Emma proves there is a way to show some skin, and show an edge – tastefully.

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Subtle Spring


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While brights are hot in springtime makeup, the look doesn’t work for everyone. Thankfully, there are other ways to celebrate and embrace the spring palette without using bright hues on your face.  Marco Castro, renowned NARS international makeup artist, explains how to use the subtler shades of spring to create a fresh, natural look.


Light eyeliner can be used on the lower lashes to brighten the eye.  This look is natural and easy to apply.

from Glamour.com


Pastel shadows are lovely with pastel blue eyes.

from Louis Vuitton



Springtime Teal


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Teal was certainly prevalent on the runway at this year’s New York Fashion Week.  Watery blues and minty seafoam greens serve us as a reminder that warmer weather and lazy days are not far away.  Check out these looks and keep an eye out for this color when choosing new spring pieces!

Hey, bag lady.


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Big totes are everywhere this spring.  Saturday errands will become easier with a deep tote.  Farmer’s market goodies, a trip to the grocery, a visit to the library…a tote will happily house all of your goodies.  The best part: these totes can be found at all price points, from Target to high couture, making it easy to be on trend this season.



Old Navy Perforated Tote, $34.94


“Branch” Out!



Spring is coming and we all know what that means…the ubiquitous floral print. Designers inevitably show florals in their new spring collections to mirror the budding foliage all around.  But, floral has been done.  And and done, and done. The “Devil” told us so!


Be unique and bold in your choices for your spring wardrobe.  Think Easter egg pastels – with a fun twist.

Here’s a great alternative to a floral pattern.

Coach X Baseman Secret Order roundneck dress

“Part of an exclusive limited edition collaboration featuring California artist and animator Gary Baseman’s original drawings of darkly playful “creatures,” this ethereal dress depicts the various members of The Secret Order, including Kiki the bird, Butch the butterfly, Emmanuel Hare Ray the blindfolded bunny, the well-coiffed Buddy Boy and excitable Buster Le Fauve. They appear together on a semi-sheer, straight-fit design, ready to keep all your secrets and protect your belongings.”

Patterns such as paisley, polka-dots and stripes are also fun and vibrant ways to welcome warmer weather.

Alice + Olivia Lucie Striped Strapless Wide Leg Pantsuit


Floral is great, just remember there are other fresh options out there!

Respect the Elephant



Elephant prints are everywhere this season.  The elephant is universally symbolic of altruism, patience, and wisdom.  In American politics, the elephant represents the Republican Party.  Buddhists regard the elephant as a pillar of moral strength.  Regardless of your personal beliefs, the elephant print is a fun way to spruce up any look.

Lily Pulitzer Tusk In Sun Scarf


Forever 21 Elegant Elephant Tee


If you can’t quite commit to the print for your daytime look, consider a pajama option.

PJ Salvage Elephant Print Pajamas



Rifle Paper Co. + Paper Crown


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Anyone perusing Pinterest or checking out eclectic stores has probably seen the artwork of Anna Bond, owner of Rifle Paper Company. Her designs are whimsical and unique, showing up on cards, calendars, books, and even wallpaper. As if that wasn’t enough, she has collaborated with Lauren Conrad and her company Paper Crown,  debuting her print making on Lauren’s clothing designs. At the beginning of February, they launched their beautiful collaboration at a pop-up shop in LA.  More of the looks can be seen at paper-crown.com and riflepaperco.com.  Let’s hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Love, Lust, or Run


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If you love makeovers, then you’ll love the TLC show Love, Lust, or Run. Hosted by Stacy London, formerly of What Not to Wear, she essentially turns modern day fashion disasters into fashion wins.

Via thejewishlady.com

Stacy takes the most outrageous of looks and asks the public if they “LOVE” the outfit, “LUST” after it, or if they want to “RUN” from it.  More often than not, they choose to “run,” and Stacy makes the client strip off everything – clothes, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and bare their true self to the camera.  After some shopping and fashion advice, inevitably there comes an ASTOUNDING transformation.  The best part about the transformations is that she allows the client to look and stay true to herself.

Here’s an example – Stacy takes Ellie’s “death rocker” look and turns it into something more refined, but with a bit of an edge:

Via twitter.com

Each episode is a Cinderella transformation and it is enthralling to watch Stacy work her magic. She also gives out tips for how to appropriately dress certain body types, so you may even learn a thing or two as you watch the show!

Green Guide for St. Patty’s Day!


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It’s that wonderful day of the year where your city streets are littered with what can only look like the most crazy wardrobe coincidence of the year! St. Patty’s day! Here’s a few ways to sneak green into your fashionable ensemble to avoid the pinches!

Try accessorizing with green! Irish or not, there are a wide variety of green shades to work with ANY skin tone. Green scarves, rings, or bags will work wonders to incorporate the St. Patrick’s Day spirit into your outfit.

images Alex-Ani-Green zobq5w-i

One Staple Piece:

Sport some major green! A sweater, blouse, skirt, or dress will do just fine. Let the organic hue fill your life for today!
Olivia+Munn+wows+tight+green+dress+arrives+JDon2z6DmSCl Rachel-Zoe-Natalie-Tie-Neck-Blouse-Green4278878b0b127472eaddcdb5e3e1d534

Make Up:

If nothing else, incorporate a little green makeup into your look. Eye shadow can be an appealing way to subtly nod to this holiday (plus it looks surprisingly gorgeous with brown or blue eyes). If you’re really wanting to green-out, try some false green eyelashes or lipstick!
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Transitional Looks


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In like a lion, out like a lamb…March is certainly a period of fashion transition. For those of you facing the cold weather up North, you may still be gravitating towards heavy wools and knits. When the thermometer hits 40, you grab a flannel and vest and spend the day outside basking in the sun and melting snow, while those in the warm weather bundle up in such temperatures.  It can be a fun challenge to put together a transitional outfit that will keep you warm…but not too warm!

Here are a few inspirational photos to help you decide what to wear when the days are teasing you to make the transition!


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