Poolside Essentials


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The Fourth of July is here and summertime is in full swing! It’s time to have that beach bag ready to go so laying out is easy. Obviously a bathing suit and towel are necessary, but what are some other necessities that will make your pool time more enjoyable?

First, sunscreen! Always protect your skin. A great way to tan is put SPF 30+ on and then lather on some tanning oil.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Second, hydrate! Bring some water bottles and sip, sip, sip. Whether you realize it or not, most of the time you sweat in the sun and water.

Third, reading materials! What a great way to follow through with that New Year’s resolution of reading a book a month. You’re sitting anyways, might as well make yourself useful!

Lastly, make sure you protect your electronics. There’s nothing worse than enjoying the day and then dropping your phone in the pool or getting water damage! Get a waterproof or water friendly case.

Enjoy a safe, sunny, and patriotic Fourth of July!

Stars and Stripes


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It’s that time of year again – with Fourth of July just around the corner, are you home-of-the-brave ready? As this holiday is typically spent on a boat or at a waterside picnic (undoubtedly followed by s’mores and fireworks), it’s important to dress comfortably and keep cool. Here’s a little festive inspo as you begin to shop around!

Simple Styles


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Some of us get bored with a simple ponytail day in, day out. If you’re in need of some style inspiration, look no further! This girl takes her medium-length hair and creates a variety of gorgeous hairstyles.

From a french braid fishtail secured with a cute bow to a messy side braid, she’s got some creative looks. Though the few seconds for each style are short, they give enough information to at least get you started and play around with your own ideas.

If you want to see more of her hairstyles, check out her Instagram. (Click here if you still want to look at her hairstyles, but do not have an account). Let us know your favorite hairstyle inspiration in the comments below!

Leggings for Shirts


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You probably have leggings that you never wear any more or are on the verge of throwing out. Did you know there’s a way you can turn them into a crop top? One fashionista figured out how to do so with just a pair of scissors. Check her video below.

As you can see, she cuts a hole for the neck, puts her arms through the ‘legs,’ and treats the structured waistband of the leggings as the new bottom of the crop top!

You’ll also notice that her second example shows short sleeves – all you have to do is cut the legs to your desired length and (if you so desire) roll the new sleeves up to prevent the edges from fraying.

For best results, use a sewing machine to secure the edges of your new top!


Henna Hair Dye


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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has never dyed their hair before. All of the horror stories I have heard about hair falling out, turning to hay, and becoming a lifeless blob has completely turned me off to the notion of permanently dying my hair.

If you can relate, you may have never been particularly dissatisfied by your hair color, but perhaps crave a little change and excitement in your look.

A more natural approach to changing the color of your hair has surfaced through the ever growing trend of Henna. No longer is this plant simply for creating gorgeous, ornate, temporary tattoos–it can now be used to temporarily dye your hair.


Lush Cosmetics

Lush cosmetics, known for their natural handmade beauty remedies, offers a line of Henna hair dyes in shades called Caca Rouge, Caca Brun, Caca Marron, and Caca Noir, which are reddish, brown, dark brown, and black shades. Although henna will not dye your hair any lighter, the plant is sure to give rich results, nothing akin to a bad chemical reaction.

According to the Lush website, “using henna to color hair is a fabulous natural alternative to synthetic dyes, and it’s a cinch to get sensational results. Each color is expertly blended with henna, essential oils and deeply conditioning cocoa butter, so your hair will be left looking and feeling fabulous.”00671_new
Lush Cosmetics

There are five steps in using henna dye:
1. Break henna up into large pieces and place in a heatproof bowl.
2. Add hot water and let steep. Mix to a batter-like consistency.
3. Put on gloves and apply from back to front, coating hair thoroughly.
4. Cover in cling wrap for a more vibrant red. Leave on for two to four hours.
5. Rinse, shampoo and condition hair

Although it can be a bit messy, it’s nothing a little soap and water can’t clean up afterward.

This is one new hair trend that I am willing to try, as evidenced by the reviews on the Caca Rouge page. Try a new look the natural way and test henna for your hair coloring needs.

Short Hair If You Dare


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Long hair hit a high point a few years ago when long locks down to your buttocks was all the rage.


Not anymore! Bobs, lobs, and other short hairstyles hit the fashion world with a bang, or in this case, a snip.

Women everywhere are ditching their flowing locks for something shorter, lighter, and simpler (A bit ironic, as men everywhere seem to be growing their hair out to achieve the perfect man bun).

For many, long hair is often a security blanket. Countless style option, something to fidget with, and even a means to keep warm. Short hair can be liberating.

Whether you keep it at a long bob or go for a daring pixie cut, short hair is worth the try. There is a rule by John Frieda to determine whether or not short hair will look good on you:

“The 2.25 inch Rule: Place a pencil under your chin horizontally. Then place the ruler under your ear, vertically. The intersection of the pencil and ruler indicates a measurement. If it is less than 2.25′ – go for the chop”

A few upsides when considering shorter hair styles:

It won’t take away from your styling game, only cut (pardon the pun) the time in half. Short hair is still style-able!

imagesBobby Glam

You save on shampoo! A little goes a long way when it comes to cleaning your shorter strands.

Your hair is healthy. The ends are not split, they are all (for the most part) equal in length, and your hair just looks and feels better.

download (1)


Flashback Friday: “All That” and More From the 90s


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The ’90s have made the glorious comeback us “’90s kids” have been eagerly awaiting! Everything from black plastic chokers, high top sneakers, and the grunge flannel look have returned and we could not be happier.

Those from other generations will never understand the pride we take in being ’90s kids. Who else could know the handshake from Rocket Power, recite every lyric from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or realize the infinite cool of school supplies adorned by Lisa Frank designs?

Our pride resides in our hard-to-beat TV programming, but also in our easily distinguishable fashion sense.

Here are a few tidbits to give you déjà vu as you see it replicated all around you today:

High-top Nikes:

The classic ’90s kid sneaker have made a comeback. Those high-tops you saw on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House, and Boy Meets World are back in style. Break out your vintage pair or purchase some fresh ones!

tatyana-ali-gettyHIgh tops
asos                                          wheretogetit

Black Plastic Chokers:

Nothing said ‘daredevil’ quite like sporting a black plastic choker around your neck, as seen in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The trend has returned and is sported by celebrities such as Viner Tasia Alexis.




Flannel Grunge:

Inspired by our favorite apathetic older sister, Deborah Thornberry, the flannel grunge look has made a full reemergence into the fashion world. Messy never looked so cool, especially on celebrities like Alexa Chung.

WildThornberrys Wikia                                      Style Carrot

Even Lisa Frank supplies have made a comeback, with all the trappers and keepers of your youth. Let your young heart sore as you stay in style with this trendy return of the ’90s.

downloadLiterally Darling

Beach Wear


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It’s fine wearing a swimsuit on the beach, but what if you’re at a restaurant near the beach or walking to the ice cream shop across from the beach? You might get some raised eyebrows if you’re wearing a swimsuit at a public establishment. If you’re not too fussy about bringing a whole new set of clothes, here are a few options:

Wrap Maxi

Via victoriassecret.com

These fun and easy dresses literally just wrap around your body – with two loops to put your arms through, there are countless ways to style the look.

Maxi Skirt

Via pinterest.com

It doesn’t have to be paired with a bikini top–it looks equally lovely over a one-piece.


#PilyQ 2015 Dakota Madagascar #Poncho DAK-469T #southbeachswimsuits

Via pinterest.com

cute beach dress.

Via pinterest.com


Via pinterest.com

You know those really cute tunics or dresses you really like, but never thought they were decent enough to wear in public? Well the beach is the perfect time to wear sport them!


Via pinterest.com

Sarongs are great due to their versatility, both on and off the beach!


An easy slip-on,-slip-off option!

Ditch the Shampoo


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A wild new low-maintenance hair trend has taken hold of hair enthusiasts everywhere. no-poo
Pins and Procrastination

The movement is called “no ‘poo” and contrary to its unfortunate title, it is the latest in cleansing tips for your hair and scalp. This method may be the simplest one yet in terms of achieving the gorgeous locks we desire: cut out shampoo and conditioner from your hair care regimen!

Many, including myself, may be a little skeptical of this method. There are people who feel gross even going one day without washing their hair. If I go more than a few days without a good wash, I am inclined to start apologizing to innocent passers-by on the street.

No_Poo Collagechartreuth

According to nopoomethod.com, “the theory of “No Poo” is this: by washing hair with a gentle alternative to shampoo, such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar or even just water only, you’ll achieve clean hair without the damage or dependency on daily shampooing. So, in short, instead of allowing chemicals in shampoo to strip your hair, strip away the chemicals and stop using shampoo altogether. Most dermatologists and hair stylists have been long-time advocates of shampooing less often and are crying ‘hallelujah!’ for this hair care revolution.”

Many swear by this method, suggesting that their hair hasn’t felt this good in ages. There are different techniques for different hairstyles. For example, it is suggested that people with naturally curly hair continue to use some conditioner, as these hair types dry out easily.

2133220Luckily for the skeptics, those brave enough to test the method are documenting their journey online. There is even a pre-packaged cleanser by Deva Curl called no-poo, which may be purchased at most beauty supply stores.

To some, this is just another hair-care suggestion, for others this is a new lifestyle to adopt. To try it out, visit nopoomethod.com to research the different alternatives to shampooing your hair.


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